Understanding development of shipment tracking apps: Features having needs for multiple shipments

Are consumers fond of shopping today? Do they really love shopping online or are they doing so because of COVID-19? Have they recently placed an order from an online shopping website or another related portal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new wave of online shoppers and each day, thousands of new packages are being delivered to customers throughout the world. For retailers, brands, businesses and organizations alike; keeping track of all this is a challenge.

So when consumers are done with placing an online order for say, a delightful product; at the very next moment, they can use a tracking shipment app to determine where their package is, which place it has reached and its status, as determined by junior professionals from a well-known mobile app development company in Toronto.

THere are loads of courier services providing customers with a tracking ID (a unique set of numbers or a figure) which helps them in tracking their shipment. However, in most instances, customers are required to assess the position of their order/shipment via manual means. Many times, such a service has times with a major eCommerce player (organization or business).

Yet, let us all suppose such a service does not have any link to any eCommerce company. In such a case, it is often doubtful that people will search the dedicated tracking service, which will keep them updated inherently about their shipment status and the associated challenges within.

If people generally are receiving recurring packages from different services, they hence install independent apps from each of these services. Again, a lot of courier services do not have mobile apps.

So, are shoppers looking forward to an on-demand shipment tracking apps that will provide them with push notifications for status updates of all shipments/orders they have ordered? Are businesses looking forwards towards the same as well on a regional/global status?

Few of the apps in this regard are already available, allowing both shoppers and businesses to use such a feature. Let us now have a look at the list of similar tracking courier apps such as DPD, FedEx by which they will enjoy the most popular tracking feature for tracking their online orders.

Some popular courier apps providing exceptional service to customers and shoppers alike

Here are some well-known courier apps doing an exceptional duty of providing exceptional and quality service to both shoppers and customers:

Parcel (A free app for iOS)

The parcel is a delightful package shipment tracking app which is closely related to almost 240 postal and courier delivery services around the world. Among them are UPS, Deutsche Post, UK Mail, Royal Mail and the like.

All the tracking data and statistics are compiled on servers and later sent to the app so it becomes easier for shoppers and sers to check all the shipment notifications straight on the device.

The parcel is the package, the shipment that a shipment tracking app can detect through the courier that is carrying it and that too in an automated way using tracking number and push notifications for any changes in shipment status.

Additionally, added to the feature of this on-demand shipment tracking app is the ability of it to help users take a glance at the package’s delivery status on the map. Development of shipment tracking apps is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Parcel is however only for iOS.

Yet this version provides only the feature of tracking for up to 3 concurrent shipments and but however, it does not provide the feature of push notifications. For shoppers and businesses to utilize its core features, they need to upgrade to  its Pro version.

Slice (Free on both Android and iOS)

Slice is a well-known packaging tracking app available on both iOS and Android platforms. Tech bloggers and websites are in its favor and have ranked it consistently as one of the best apps for tracking packages. There are various astonishing features this app provides and this is the reason it is among the most highly preferred tracking apps.

Apart from the attribute, this app provides automatic package tracking and even provides alerts for drop in prices and product recalls.

Slice is the app assisting with apex package delivery services, like FedEx, USPS, and various others. It is also associated with the top merchants like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Groupon, and has the ability to connect seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo accounts of users.

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