Why Custom Rigid Packaging is the Hottest Trend for 2021?

Does your custom rigid packaging meets 2021 shelf-life goals? 

When there is so much brewing around you, product packaging could easily slip your mind. However, you cannot afford to fall into this trap. After all, a great product alone isn’t enough to attract potential customers. You need to harness the power of custom rigid boxes to make them dive off the shelf. That’s because the packaging is the first thing buyers see and touch well before they get to see and use your product. 

This bounds you to utilize custom rigid packaging that is on-trend. 

But each year, the design trends in creative packaging continue to change. To ensure your business and packaging solution remains relevant to what customers want, you must embrace these trends. And 2021 is the year when it’s more important than ever to embrace product packaging designs. 

The rampant spread of the novel virus has had a grave impact on product box designs as well as the packaging industry. While the primary role of the wholesale rigid boxes has always been to keep the products safe, it is now also required to offer additional protection against the virus because many consumers believe that product boxes play the role of a barrier between the contagion and your packaging. 

So, it’s time to analyze what 2021 has in store for custom rigid packaging design and see how each design trend influences the product boxes this year.

  1. Use Protective Packaging Solution

The protective packaging demand has soared dramatically. To flatten the epidemic curve, we all have witnessed a significant increase in e-commerce orders during 2020. More products are being dispatched than ever before. Consequently, consumers are valuing packages that keep their purchases safe from hazardous elements and possible viral exposure. 

This is a positive trend that one can adopt whether they are selling subscription boxes or everyday retail items via brick and mortar stores or online stores. 

To stay ahead of the pack in 2021, brands should prioritize packaging options robust enough to survive prolonged shipping and keep the contents as safe as possible. Before that, here are some crucial questions you need to answer to figure out if you need to embrace custom rigid boxes or not. 

  1. Is your current product packaging sturdy enough to tolerate additional shipping? 
  2. Does your current packaging solution leave parts of your goods exposed to external threats? (this could happen when your packaging size isn’t up to the mark)

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the questions mentioned above, switch to bespoke wholesale rigid boxes asap. 

  1. Use a Functional Packaging Solution

Using a practical and functional packaging option should always be a top priority. However, one shouldn’t overlook the new practical factors, especially those that help slow down infectious disease spread. 

The National Institutes of Health‘s study found that the COVID-19 virus can live up to 48 to 72 hours on plastic and as many 24 hours on cardboard. This shows that porous surfaces such as cardboard or paperboard are less hospitable to the novel virus than non-porous surfaces. 

Socially conscious businesses must have noticed this and switched to a more practical packaging solution, such as custom rigid boxes

Ditching non-porous surfaces in favor of paperboard packaging can help minimize the effect of coronavirus and flatten the curve. For this reason, rigid boxes are bound to take center stage in quick time as 2021 will see many brands ditching non-porous packaging options. 

If your product can be safely enclosed in custom rigid packaging and you are currently leveraging plastic packaging, now is the time to favor porous packages.