Military Boots: 5 Best Boots to Face All Climates in Style

Originally designed for the army, military boots or amphibious boots or tall combat boots have gained popularity over the years and have thus become a fashion accessory and a basic of clothing. It is not uncommon to see them in all workplaces.

Why such a success? For their versatility of course! Indeed, they combine the functional aspects of any shoe, but they are also an essential accessory for those who like to have style.

What are the best military boots?

Their ability to provide both stability and grip, protection and ankle support has made them a shoe benchmark for many men and women. They are comfortable, resistant and also able to face the most hostile climates.

Military boots are not afraid of extreme weather conditions. They are suitable for tropical climates, such as the jungle, or even particularly humid climates without letting a single drop pass.

Here is our favorite selection of the best boots:

1. Mil-Tec Military Boots Side Zipper – Raincoats

Lightweight and comfortable, these desert boots are made from camouflage suede and polyester and feature a polyester lining. They are also reinforced to provide more protection and resistance. The rubber outsole provides good grip while the Eva foam insole helps keep feet warm and dry. These boots are tightened with a quick lacing system and a side zipper.

Strong points:

  • Reinforcement for adequate protection to the foot.
  • Rubber sole for grip
  • Practical and super-fast lacing system

2. Mil-Tec Nero Military Boots Side Zipper – The resistant ones

They have been designed to offer a high level of protection, all at an affordable price. Their nylon parts help your foot breathe and make it the ideal boot to be worn all year round. The YKK side zipper is very practical and allows a quick closing and opening without having to tie your boots. It has also been sewn in a straight line to avoid stress points that could be painful for your foot or ankle. The padding of these military boots increases both the thermal properties of these shoes, but also their comfort, making them ideal for fans of hiking!

Strong points:

  • Can be worn all year round and is highly breathable to the foot
  • Side zipper that allows them to be easily closed and opened
  • Very comfortable padding

3. Mil-Tec Swat Combat Military Boots for Men

The inner insulate layer provides good thermal regulation in the shoe. Their robust design and the longevity of the materials guarantee optimal protection of your foot even under extreme weather conditions. Sporting a Speed 8 eyelet lace system, taking off or putting on your shoes has never been so quick! The orthopedic shape of these boots ensures high comfort even when worn all day.

Strong points:

  • Optimal protection in bad weather
  • Speed lace system that allows you to put on and take off your boots quickly
  • Orthopedic shape allowing them to be worn all day

4. Magnum Hunter Women’s Military Boots – Anti-slip

Produced in Italy, these boots with resistant, anti-grease and anti-static laces have a rubber sole to promote grip on any type of surface. The upper part of the shoe is made of suede. The padding and the woven and breathable side panels make it an ideal shoe for summer and winter. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and can be waxed with specific products.

Strong points:

  • Good protection, breathability and suitable for all seasons
  • Made in Italy
  • Optimal grip on any type of surface

5. Savage Island Military Boots with Zipper – The lightest

Their design allows them to lace only once! Then, to put them on or take them off, just use the very resistant zipper. Designed in real suede and nylon, they are very light and comfortable. The grippy sole is even resistant to grease. The inside of the shoe features a steel upper to reduce foot fatigue and provide greater comfort. The Eva sole is breathable and promotes optimal ventilation of the foot. They have bronze eyelets and sand colored nylon laces.

Strong points:

  • Suede padded tongue and interior for added comfort
  • Internal steel shank to prevent foot fatigue
  • Lightweight and practical to put on thanks to the zipper

For daily use, we recommend to buy stylo shoes as they are meant for comfort. The material is also really good and you will look adorable while wearing them.